• November 2020 – Begin closed alpha testing for Spirit Clash

• December 2020 – SCT token sale

• January 2021 – SCT Uniswap listing

• February 2021 – Release Spirit Clash open alpha on Steam

• March 2021 – Launch token staking dapp

• April 2021 – Give stakers options for redeeming their SCP for NFTs. Create gameplay trailer. Announce Spirit Clash season 1; Booster pack sale & season passes. Begin utilizing Jumpnet for zero transaction fees.

• April – May 2021 – Create in-game tutorial. Add in-game chat to talk to other players online. Introduce the starter pack of cards. Add Enjin wallet linking. Add EnjinX marketplace API to the game. Further improvements to game mechanics. Huge marketing push.

• May 2021 – Massive visual upgrades to the game, add music for all scenes. Introduce cosmetics; gameboards, emotes, & trinkets.

• May – June 2021 – Begin plans for an official tournament with prizes. Start development on the single player story mode; hire voice actors.

More TBA