How to Stake

Staking is currently under construction. We want to thank everyone who participated and helped make all of this a reality, your efforts will be rewarded! Stay connected to our socials for the latest staking news


Staking in available pools will farm the SCP token. You will soon be able to redeem SCP for Spirit Clash NFTs from our shop. The APY percentages shown are for initial promotion and will be adjusted when needed as the project progresses.

Additional Rewards!

Stakes of 500+ SCT (or LP equivalent) for 14 days or longer (without unstaking early) will qualify for additional NFT rewards based on your chosen lockup time and amount.

Stakes of 10k+ SCT (or LP equivalent) for 30 days or longer (without unstaking early) will also get the first voting rights, when governance of the platform begins.


Step 1:

Connect Metamask to

Step 2:

Select the token you want to stake 

Step 3:

Select the amount of tokens to stake

Step 4:

Choose your lockup time (in days)

Step 5:

Click stake

Step 6:

You should then see TWO transactions pop up:

Step 7:

Approve tokens for spending

Step 8:



Side Notes: You will need to approve and send both transactions for your stake to register. when adding to a stake the claimable balance of this token will be reset so make sure to claim the claimable balances before adding to the stake Have you staked already, but don’t see any SCP rewards? Be sure to refresh your browser.


The minimum lockup time for staking is 3 days.

If you unstake before your chosen duration ends, you will incur a 10% fee on your SCP rewards

If you claim before your chosen duration ends, you will incur a 10% fee on your SCP rewards